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‘Toby and Tilly’ is a hands-on course comprising Book A and Book B, designed for and aimed at young learners who are learning English as a second language in a pre-school environment. ‘Toby and Tilly’ works on the five basic ideologies of pre-school education, which enables the book to be easily integrated into any pre-existing programme, or used independently too.

All books in the ‘Toby and Tilly’ range explore activities for all types of learners, i.e. kinaesthetic, audio, and visual. The books enable learners with varying learning needs to be able to explore and develop their newly-acquired English skills to their fullest potential.

Toby and Tilly are attractive characters that children can relate to and, with whom they can go on adventures, to places that children would like to go to also. A feeling of connection to the characters enables the child to become at ease with the use of the book, thereby, actively engaging him/her; in turn the child sees a purpose for his/her learning.

» Creating a Story Line through six different units

- Toby and Tilly’ Class Books consist of six units, each containing five/six main pages and activity pages. Toby and Tilly go on a magic carpet journey in each unit, and fly to different places each time. A journey and exploration theme runs throughout this series of books, enabling teachers to create a story line.

» Key Features

  • The class books include a Motivation Chart together with which, stickers are provided that the teacher can reward the children with.
  • Class books are available on ‘Toby and Tilly’ Class Book CD and so the teacher can use them easily in class.
  • Illustrated instructions enable the students to becoming independent workers.
  • Students easily file their work by pulling out the pages and keeping them tidy in their ‘Toby and Tily’ Class Folder.
  • ‘Toby and Tilly’ Teacher’s Book includes a detailed lesson plan for every lesson and every unit. Polly Parrot’s Circle Time and Toby & Tilly’s Table Time, are different parts of the lesson in which the students do different types of activities giving them variety and helping the teacher with classroom and behaviour management.
  • Each lesson has extension activity suggestions which enable the teacher to extend each lesson up to another 2 hours if required.
  • In addition, each lesson plan suggests pages from the photocopiable ‘Toby and Tilly’ Activity Book provided, for the teacher to incorporate into each lesson.
  • The use of Polly Parrot puppet brings the characters to life, enabling children to become more expressive; even helping those, a little shy, with speaking activities.
  • The use of the magic carpet encourages children to pretend to be Toby and Tilly and lets their creativity and imagination run wild.
  • Students can play many games with the use of the double sided picture and words flash cards.
  • Unit based themed songs sung to familiar tunes on ‘Toby and Tilly’ Song CD. Along with general classroom routine songs.
  • Each unit has Story Time, where by another story about Toby and Tilly is used. Large colourful Story Cards are used to help the story come to life and students to have hands on approach to the story.
  • To help teachers with the task of decorating the classroom, included in the ‘Toby and Tilly’ Play Pack, are extra-curricular and cross-curricular ready-made materials.

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